WEEE Charity Recycling pride ourselves in offering your business, company or organisation free confidential data erasing. We know how important data-confidentiality is and take a wide range of actions to abide with the Data Protection Act and to satisfy the needs of our clients with secure goverment standard data erasing.

What we can do to protect you data:

  • We provide full tier 3 data erasing (government Standards) to securely erase our clients confidential data.
  • After the data has been erased you will receive a certificate of destruction showing the serial number of your device.
  • If your drive has a fault and fails the 3 pass wipe we will dismantlement the hard drive and smash the platter to make sure that there is no possible way for any data to be extracted.
  • We also provide data shredding where we destroy the hard drives by drilling through the platter or dismantling the hard drive and smashing the platter.
  • We can also provide on site removal of your data where we can remove any hard drive from you device and hand it back to you.

Please find below a sample of our Data Destruction Certificate:

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