WeeeCharity is a NON for profit UK registered charity that helps to relieve poverty by offering a FREE complete recycling of computers and electrical equipment to businesses, residential and education facilities.

The equipment can be new, working or at the end of its life we can take it no matter what condition its in.

As a fully authorised, environmental agency registered charity, you can trust your equipment is recycled or refurbished responsibly.

Check out what we recycle here.

To book your free collection please use the link in the menu above and fill out our web form. This will notify our admin team that you are wanting a collection, they will then communicate with you by email to arrange a suitable time. 

Our Mission Statement:

Our goals are to protect and preserve the environment by recycling electrical waste to help reduce the amount of WEEE Waste that ends up in landfill through waste reduction, recycling, repair, refurbish and for resale back into the community.

Through this we train volunteers who are unemployed, or faced with disabilities or learning difficulties, with essential skills and knowledge in a safe working environment to improve their work ethic, to prepare them for full time employment.

The relieve financial hardship by the recycling and provision of electrical and electronic items at no cost.

The prevention of poverty in Warrington and other parts of the UK. To know more about how WeeeCharity helps to relieve poverty (click here).

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 Charity Number: 1169658