How We Do It


Your computers gets dismantled into component level (Power supplies, Hard Drives, Processors, Ram, Circuit Board, Aluminum, Cable, CD Drive and Fans) the plastics and various metals are sent for further processing locally.

Household cable is stripped down for copper recovery on site, and rubber coating is recycled.

We recover lead acid batteries from APCs, emergency lighting and car batteries.

Copper motors are recovered from light fittings, microwaves and computer fans.

Each component is dismantled further to extract precious metals ie, copper, gold, platinum, palladium. The circuit board is then graded and chipped, then processed further for full recovery of precious metals.

This process is also applies to all other electrical items such as printers, servers, audio equipment, phones anything that has circuit board in, takes batteries or is plugged into the mains.

Once we have collected your equipment it gets sent to goods in to be sorted and tested. Anything that is deemed non working it is then sent to the Recycling Storage (for recycling), Anything that is deemed of worth is sent for further testing to be refurbished and re sold back into the community.

Collections And Postage

Collections are organized by our own staff and volunteers, collections are booked at any time suitable for the client (usually within 7 working days). We cover the whole of the UK with our own staff and vans.

We are happy to accept donation by post. please send to the address on our website.

Data Erasing

All data is erased correctly, using software that abides by government standards, giving you peace of mind that you data has been securely deleted. You will receive a data erasing certificate, roughly two weeks after you collection, that proves your hard drive has been wiped/punched.








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