We Provide A Free Full Certified Audit

WeeeCharity pride ourselves in offering your business or organisation a free, certified audit on all your recycled equipment. We understand how important auditing is to businesses, and by issuing you with waste transfer note, can help ensure that your audits are kept in order. This describes the waste, current holder of the waste and the destination for the waste.

Our waster transfer note, which will be issued to you upon collection of your recycled equipment, gives you detailed information on everything that WeeeCharity has removed from your premises, including the weight and how many of each item removed.

We also include EWC codes (European Waste Codes).

The use of EWC codes to describe waste is a legal requirement of the Duty of Care for waste which requires the holder of waste to take all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is described in a way that permits its safe handling and management. Transfers of non-hazardous waste must be accompanied by a waste transfer note and transfers of hazardous waste by a special waste consignment note, both of which must include a written description of the waste and appropriate precautions.

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